Where art, brand, and technology intersect


Blkdots is a digital studio for fashion and creative brands. We create sleek, on-trend web solutions that reflect the unique qualities of the brands we work with. Our end product results in sites and web applications are easy to use and maintain, so that brands can continue to evolve long after launch.

This is what we love to do.


Web Design

design-centric websites that are easily maintainanble using platforms like Squarespace & Wordpress


SEO-optimized online retail shops using highly customizable and user-friendly e-commerce platforms with Shopify & Shopify Plus

Digital Branding

development of consistently positive, appealing brand images and messages, from your logo to social media strategy

Web Applications

custom customer interaction applications and e-commerce subscription platforms


Tech Startups

sleek, on-trend web media that reflects your unique brand identity

Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

design-centric online storefronts with order management to digital branding

PR & Production Companies

captivating use of video and images that yield a cutting-edge design that reflects the caliber of brands you represent

Artists & Art Galleries

digital collections for visual artists and musicians with integrations with BandsInTown, Spotify, and Ticketfly

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